End User License Agreement

IMPORTANT: The Litron Lasers Ltd software and any other material is licensed to you, the licensee, on the condition that you agree with Litron Lasers Ltd to the terms and conditions set forth in the legal agreement.

Please read the agreement carefully. You will be bound by the terms of the agreement.

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions in the agreement, please return the USB stick and any other material sent to you unopened to Litron Lasers Ltd or to your Litron Lasers Ltd distributor.

The software, accompanying documentation and any other material are copyrighted and contain intellectual property information protected by law. You may not make copies of this software, accompanying documentation or any other material without the express written consent of Litron Lasers Ltd.

For full End User License Agreement details please contact Litron Lasers at:

Litron Lasers Head Office
8 Consul Road
CV21 1PB

Tel: +44(0)1788 574444
Fax: +44(0)1788 574888

email: sales@litron.co.uk