Ultra-High Energy Pulsed Q-switched Nd:YAG Lasers with Energies up to 3.5J at 1064nm, and Repetition Rates up to 50Hz.

The LPY7000 lasers offer extremely high Q-switched outputs at repetition rates of up to 50Hz. Based around our proven self-supporting invar frame their robust build quality suits them to both industrial and scientific applications.

The lasers are provided in an oscillator, pre-amplifier, main-amplifier arrangement. The oscillator may be configured as a stable-telescopic resonator offering a low order multimode output with a smooth spatial and temporal profile, or as a super-Gaussian coupled resonator offering a single transverse mode output with slightly higher peak powers.

Lamp change is performed in a matter of minutes with no need for any re-alignment at all. An IP54 sealed case ensures that the laser is protected against the ingress of dirt and moisture when used in industrial environments.
For very narrow linewidths an option injection seeder is available.

View LPY7000 beam profile information.


Rugged industrial build
Up to 3.5J @ 1064nm
Telescopic or super-Gaussian resonators
Optional seeder package
All harmonics to 5th available
Full RS232 software control


Dye Laser Pumping
OPO Pumping
Pulsed Laser Deposition
Thomson Scattering

LPY7000 Specification Highlights

LPY7000 Specification highlights