Lower the Pressure in PIV Experiments

True turnkey operation and rugged construction, the Litron Bernoulli is suited to operation in almost any environment.

Vibration and shock proof – for use in rough environments.
Fully sealed laser head – protection from dust and moisture. 
Ruggedised oscillator – fixed mirror design adds to oscillator alignment stability.

2 Year warranty includes optics, PSU & laser head.
2 Year warranted alignment and overlap – all components locked into position in a separate compartment.

Ability to operate in all orientations.
Compact size – strengthened and lightened aluminium monolithic body.
Fast connections at the laser head and PSU – easy to transport and set-up.

Mobius – Microprocessor control and monitoring of all laser parameters.
Standardised PSU – Mobius configures the PSU to the laser head.
Accurate internal pulse generator – no third party timing equipment required.

Easy to Use – and Fast!
From crate to lasing in under 8 minutes.
LUCi remote interface – provides all functions at the touch of a button.
Motorised attenuator fitted as standard – 1000 step energy control.
Alignment mode – sets attenuator to allow alignment of external optics.


Output energies up to 200mJ per laser head at 532nm
Repetition rates up to 25Hz per laser head
High repetition rate options – 50Hz and 100Hz available
Vibration and shock proof design
Fully sealed laser head
Ruggedised oscillator
Easy to use ‘plug and play’ laser for PIV



See the vibration test here.

See the start-up video here.

Bernoulli PIV Specification Highlights

Bernoulli PIV Specification Highlights
Bernoulli PIV