High Energy, High Repetition Rate Pulsed Nd:YAG Lasers for PIV

Litron LPY Invar based PIV lasers have a unique capability for both high energy and high speed PIV applications. Litron has taken the expertise in designing high repetition rate industrial pulsed lasers and transferred this to demanding PIV applications. We were first on the market with both 100Hz & now 200Hz lasers, producing a class leading 50mJ per pulse at either repetition rate. By using our twin-rod birefringence compensating pumping chamber design the stability and homogeneity of the laser beam is maintained even at 200Hz. This in a completely beam-tube protected optical configuration allowing these systems to be used in dynamic monitoring and laboratory applications alike.


Dedicated PIV Laser Head
Frequencies up to 200Hz
High pulse energy
True TEM00 output available
Stable resonator design
355nm & 266nm available for LIF
Low profile Invar optical rail
Line narrowed versions
Rugged industrial system



15-30Hz LPY PIV Specification Highlights

LPY PIV Specification Highlights

100-200Hz LPY PIV Specification Highlights

LPY PIV Specification Highlights

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