Up to 300Hz Pulsed DPSS Nd:YAG Lasers for PIV Applications

The Plasma PIV system is a fully DPSS dual head laser system designed specifically for PIV applications. It comprises two fully independent frequency doubled Nd:YAG lasers, that are beam combined to a common beam axis. These lasers each produce 532nm outputs of 75mJ per pulse up to 150Hz and 60mJ at 200Hz with pulse lengths of ~10ns.

Pulsed diode pumping, ultra-stable mechanics, damage resistant optics and innovative design make the Plasma PIV system highly reliable. Offering a circular homogenous beam with a low M2 it is an ideal tool for high brightness, high homogeneity light-sheet formation.

With no services required except the mains electrical input the Plasma PIV is a stand-alone turnkey system with an output suited to a huge range of PIV applications.


Energy up to 75mJ at 150Hz, 60mJ at 200Hz per laser head
10ns pulse duration
Variable repetition rate up to 300Hz
M2 <10 at 532nm
RMS stability <0.2% / 5 hours
Homogenous beam profile for optimal light-sheet formation
Ultra compact and portable free standing power supply unit


Pulsed diode pumped resonator design with long life diode modules
Motorised attenuator for precise energy control
Independent energy control of each laser head
Easy configuration for 3rd and 4th harmonics for LIF or PLIF
Extremely compact laser head compared to lamp pumped equivalent
Dedicated power supply and chiller
Ruggedised laser head for harsh environments
Worldwide warranty and service


Particle Sizing
Ti:Sa Pumping
Combustion Analysis
Laser Shock Peening
Double Pulse LIBS

Plasma PIV Specification Highlights

Plasma PIV Specification Highlights