DPSS High Power 1053nm Nd:YLF Laser with Polarised Output

The LDY310 series is a range of Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Nd:YLF laser systems with 1053nm output. They are principally used as pump sources in nonlinear materials research and surface modification applications requiring very high pulse energy in the 1kHz to 5kHz pulse frequency range.

At 1053nm output energies of up to 30mJ at 1 kHz are available in a plane polarised multimode output.

The lasers are built around a rugged self-supporting Invar rail that bestows excellent mechanical and optical stability, ensuring excellent short and long term pulse-to-pulse stability.

The power supply and closed-circuit chiller are all housed in a compact 19” format rack. The system can be controlled either by the in-built LCD interface or via a remote PC using RS232 and supplied software suite. Full external triggering of the lasers is accessible via a TTL interface.


High Energy at 1053nm
Polarised multimode output
Rugged industrial design
0-20kHz continuously variable
TTL External Triggering
RS232 control


Non-Linear Materials Research
Plasma and Ionisation Research
Materials Processing

LDY310 Specification Highlights

LDY310 Specification Highlights