Integrated Nd:YAG Pumped Type II BBO OPO

The Aurora II Integra series combines a Type II BBO broadband OPO and Nd:YAG nanosecond pump source into a single laser head, using an ultra-rigid Invar optical rail to provide class-leading performance and stability. True no-gap tunable output from 410 to 2600nm with options to extend into the 210 to 410nm UV range as well as direct access to the pump laser and its harmonics make the Aurora II the perfect choice for a wide range of research and industrial applications.

The integrated fully-motorised design eliminates the need for user alignment and adjustment even when relocating the laser head. With a choice of pump sources from Litron’s wide range of Nd:YAG lasers, a highly modular layout and even bespoke component optimisation, tailoring the Aurora II into a flexible, customised solution has never been easier.


Fully integrated Q-switched pump laser and OPO
Continuous tuning range of 410 – 2600nm
Pulse energies up to 45mJ
< 4cm-1 linewidth in the visible range
< 4% RMS stability in the visible range
Repetition rates from 1 to 100Hz
Motorised OPO wavelength tuning
Simultaneous signal and idler access
355nm pump process shutter and energy monitoring
Direct access to 355nm pump output
No user-alignment required
Full PC control


Photoacoustic Imaging
Laser Induced Fluorescence
High Resolution Spectroscopy
Non Linear Spectroscopy
Remote Sensing
Process Monitoring
Combustion Research
Display Manufacture and Testing

Aurora II Integra Type II BBO OPO Laser In Action

Aurora II Integra Type II BBO OPO Laser - Full Performance Animation

Aurora II Integra Specification Highlights

Aurora II Integra Specification Highlights
Aurora II Integra