Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser and 532nm Pumped OPO

The Aurora II TRLi OPO combines a Type II BBO OPO resonator, a second harmonic generator and a variable attenuator into a single compact module that can be attached to any of Litron’s TRLi series of Nd:YAG lasers to provide tunable no-gap output in the 670 to 2600nm range. Incorporating design features used throughout Litron’s Aurora OPOs the TRLi module provides high stability, narrow linewidth and simultaneous signal and idler output in a self-contained unit that is interchangeable with the other harmonic units within the TRLi range. With little to no realignment required on reattachment, the TRLi OPO expands the output of these high energy compact lasers into the NIR range without losing the flexibility of accessing the Nd:YAG harmonics.

The Aurora TRLi OPO can be provided with a flashlamp or diode pumped source.


Modular OPO for TRLi lasers

50 to 200Hz repetition rate

Tuning range 670-2600nm

Linewidth 2-6cm-1

Motorised OPO tuning

Full PC control via RS232

OPO attenuator option

Fibre coupling option

2HG option (335-650nm)

Ultra high stability pump laser < 0.3%RMS

Motorised auto-tuning

Variable pump attenuator as standard

Optional spectrometer


Photoacoustic Imaging

Laser Induced Fluorescence



High Resolution Spectroscopy

Non Linear Spectroscopy

Remote Sensing

Process Monitoring

Combustion Research

Display Manufacture and Testing

Aurora TRLi OPO Specification Highlights

Aurora TRLi OPO Specification Highlights
Aurora TRLi OPO