Warranty & Shipping Policy

Litron Lasers Ltd. RMA (Return to Manufacturer Authorisation) Policy
Please read the RMA Policy and follow the instructions set out below.

Do not send products of any kind to Litron Lasers Ltd if they do not have an authorised RMA number displayed on the package.
Goods received without an RMA number may be refused by the receiving department and may be returned at your expense. All instructions relating to the return of your item are detailed below.

Obtaining an RMA number
1. Please fill out and submit the online RMA form which can be found at:www.litronlasers.com/services/rma-form/ If for any reasons you have problems doing this please contact Litron Lasers directly at +44 (0) 1788 574444/ service@litron.co.uk.
2. If you have been discussing a service case with Litron and we have not been able to resolve the problem remotely, you will have already been given a case reference number. This is your RMA number. You may return the products using this number if advised to do so by Litron. In this case you will not need to complete the online RMA form as we will already have the details.

Return to Litron Warranty
Litron Lasers Ltd. offers a Return to Litron Warranty.
If your system is within warranty then any valid repairs will be carried out at no cost to you. We will inspect the laser and if in our opinion the warranty has been invalidated in any way, we will inform you of this immediately and of any associated repair costs. Should chargeable repair work be required, we will not commence any work in the absence of a corresponding purchase order. Should you choose not to have the repair work carried out we reserve the right to charge an inspection fee for the initial assessment payable prior to the return shipment of the laser (£600.00) If you choose to have the system repaired pursuant to any quotation we will require an updated purchase order to reflect the quoted cost of repair prior to commencing any repair work. For warranty repairs you should organise shipment of goods to Litron Lasers Ltd using your chosen freight forwarder. All shipping costs for returning goods should be covered by the customer. Litron will return the goods to the Customer freight prepaid. All duties and taxes are to be paid locally by the customer.

Return to Litron Non Warranty
If your system is no longer covered by a warranty or any part of the warranty has expired, you will need to supply a purchase order to cover the initial assessment of the system.  (£600.00) We must have the Purchase Order for the inspection of the system BEFORE we commence any assessment. Following assessment Litron will provide you with service report and full quotation for the cost of the repair. Litron will not commence any repairs or replace any components without receipt of a corresponding purchase order.

RMA Repair Warranty
All items repaired by Litron Lasers Ltd are warranted for a period of 90 days. This period applies only to the repaired item whether the system was under warranty or not. Systems repaired under warranty keep the original warranty period or 90 days, whichever is longer.

Warranty replacement parts
It is our policy to receive the defective part at Litron for assessment prior to any replacement part being sent. In emergency situations, and on a discretionary basis, we may ship a replacement part prior to receiving the defective part. Any emergency shipment requires a company purchase order for the value of the replacement part prior to shipment. Failure to receive the defective part within thirty (30) days of shipment of the replacement part will result in Litron Lasers invoicing against the purchase order for the full list price of the part shipped plus shipping costs. Emergencies are handled on an individual basis and require interaction with a Litron Laser’s technical support representative.

Shipping Policy
IN ALL CASES Customers must obtain an RMA number prior to the return of any products. All systems shipped to Litron Lasers Ltd must be shipped with incoterm DAP with the RMA number clearly indicated on the shipping label and on the waybill. Shipments which arrive without an RMA number may be refused and returned to the Customer at Customer’s expense.

Proper packaging must be used on all return shipments. The Customer is liable for any damage incurred in transit and will be charged if new shipping materials are required for the return shipment.

Domestic Shipments procedure:
1. Obtain a valid RMA number.
2. Return the item to Litron DAP.
3. For warranty repairs Litron will return the item to the Customer freight prepaid. All duties and taxes paid locally by the customer.
4. For non-warranty repairs Litron will either return the item prepaid and add the shipping costs to the invoice or inform the customer that the item is ready such that they can arrange their own collection. Preference needs to be specified on the PO for repair.

EU and International Shipments procedure:
1. Obtain a valid RMA number.
2. Return the item to Litron DAP.
3. For warranty repairs Litron will return the item to the Customer freight prepaid.
4. For non-warranty repairs Litron will either return the item prepaid and add the shipping costs to the invoice or inform the customer that the item is ready such that they can arrange their own collection. Preference needs to be specified on the PO for repair.
5. On ALL international returns for both warranty and non-warranty items the customer is responsible for any duties, brokers fees or freight charges chargeable when goods are received following repair.
6. If you have a dedicated broker that handles your shipments then please provide full details including contact name, contact number, address and email address. This information can then be included on the shipping documents and prevent any clearance complications.
7. All return shipments must be shipped with a commercial invoice and packing list.  Your commercial invoice should include the following information:

  • Description of the goods:
  • Serial Number:
  • Origin of goods:
  • Value for customs:
  • Commodity code/HS code:
  • RMA number:
  • Number of boxes/crates:
  • Weight and dimensions of the box/crate(s)
  • Incoterms: DAP
  • EORI number: (EU only)

Please contact Litron service@litron.co.uk if you are unsure of any of the details required for the commercial invoice.

Commodity code

It is important that you use the correct commodity code/HS code for your goods. The commodity code for laser systems is 90132000.


RMA Return Instructions
Include the following:

  1. RMA number
  2. A commercial invoice (international shipments only) and packing list
  3. Any other relevant information
  4. PO for the inspection fee as advised (Non-warranty shipments) – £600.00
  5. Clear identification of sender (include address, contact name, telephone number and email address)
  6. Provide Litron with full return address, contact name, telephone number and email address
  7. Confirm to Litron the return shipping method for non-warranty shipments (whether it is courier account, preferred service or if Litron is to organise shipping and include the charge on the invoice)


Make sure that the RMA number is plainly visible on the outside of the package you are sending. Any packages without RMA numbers visible on the outside of the package may be refused. Please use the following address for shipping RMA items to Litron.

Litron Lasers Ltd
RMA number ________________
8 Consul Road
Warwickshire CV21 1PB

By submitting an RMA request form you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

Make sure the product is securely and safely packaged in its original packaging or in similar suitable packaging. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the system is safely and suitable packaged. Goods should not be able to slide or tip inside the packaging. We recommend attaching a ShockWatch and TiltWatch label to your packaging. Systems damaged due to inadequate packaging are not covered by warranty. If you need any advice on packing or packaging materials then please contact service@litron.co.uk 

Wooden Packaging Guidelines: IPPC- GB-FC124 HT
All wood packaging used for returning lasers or components to Litron UK must use meet ISPM15 international standards. Only compliant and suitably marked wood packaging materials should be used. Failure to use compliant and suitably marked wood packaging may result in the shipment being stopped at UK Customs and returned to you at your cost. Litron accepts no liability or responsibility for any costs or consequential costs resulting from the use of non-compliant and suitably marked wood packaging. In compliance with UK legislation, any wood packaging materials that are found to have any form of infestation will be destroyed by burning and new crates will be charged to you for the return shipment.

All Litron supplied wooden shipping crates use IPPC- GB-FC124 HT and are compliant and marked packaging and must be retained for future use.

Here is the link to the HMRC website about ISPM15

It says:
Requirements for imports using wood packaging If the goods you import are to be packed in wooden packaging, you should check that the packaging is compliant with ISPM15. There are no tests that show whether wood has been properly treated. The presence of any living insects in the wood can be taken to mean that it wasn’t treated and any wood packaging material with living insects must not be re-used but should be destroyed (or treated by an approved facility and re-marked).

Dunnage may be used with cargos of sawn wood (e.g. in the form of bearers, stickers, spacers etc). Only dunnage that meets the requirements of ISPM15 is allowed to enter the UK. Material that is not ISPM15 compliant could be destroyed by burning or re-exported.

However, dunnage such as bearers, stickers and spacers which are integrated or banded into cargoes of regulated wood does not need to be marked to ISPM15 standards because the phytosanitary certificate will cover the whole consignment. For bearers and stickers etc. made from non-manufactured wood products and greater than 6 millimetres thickness which are integrated or banded into cargoes of non-regulated wood – e.g. tropical hardwoods, plywood and other wood panel products – as well as all dunnage associated with any other type of cargo, must be ISPM15 compliant and marked, regardless of whether they are a regulated species or not.